Friday, June 18, 2010

Various housekeeping updates

Part of the problem of having a busy summer is that you suddenly become so busy living your life that you miss prime opportunities to write about your life.

Case in point: Joining the local pool. After giving the matter a great deal of thought, we decided to join the local pool. Upon investigation, we discovered that it was cheaper to join the athletic club next to the pool, which enjoys pool privileges, than to just join the pool itself. So we joined the athletic club. Since we joined the club, we now feel that we need to use it, so I have been going there every other morning to work out before going in the pool with the children. I have not worked out in any way, shape, or form since I was about 14 or 15 years old and joined the old Four Seasons Sports Complex with my parents. (just a quick aside, I never went back as an adult due to embarrassment over the obvious, raging, hormonal teenage crush I had on my racquet ball instructor, just saying...) So, needless to say, I am a bit out of shape.

So, instead of coming home to write about our marvellous adventures at the pool, like how my previously water-phobic son now refuses to get out of the baby pool, I come home and pretty much die on the couch.

So, I apologize for not keeping anyone updated. Just today, I have finally been able to type on a keyboard without moaning in pain, so I think progress has been made. Also, about half of the equipment that I use is out of commission today because they are replacing the pads. So, I really didn't do a full workout anyway.

I love my gym, though. While riding the stationary bikes and the treadmills, I have a perfect view of beach traffic going over the bridge. I can watch sail boats cruise through the narrows. This morning, I saw many sail boats and a few people trying to fish. It was so tranquil and relaxing that I lost all track of time on the treadmill. When I finally looked down, my easy 20 minute cardio workout had morphed into 40 minutes. Whoops!

Word to the wise: try to never do that. I stepped off of the treadmill and had a total out of body experience due to my weakened overworked muscles. I have vague memories of walking to the stationary bike to cool down, but for the life of me, I don't remember feeling my feet actually touching the ground. Perhaps that explains the strange looks old people were giving me.

Then, on the drive home, I almost had an accident on RT. 18 while swerving to avoid a turtle crossing the road. Gosh, I really love this town!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thanks so much

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest for the Kent Island Discovery Zone. We won!!!! WE WON!!!

So, this means my friend Kim will receive grant money to reopen the Island Secret Garden as the Kent Island Discovery Zone this year. It's going to be a long arduous process, and Kim is going to have to document her progress every step of the way to the good folks at Pepsi. I have no doubt that she will prevail. So for a little while we are just going to soak in it:


I imagine Kim has been sleeping since Monday night at midnight. I happen to know for a fact that she has been up pretty much 24 hours a day for the entire month of May trying to make this a reality. She checked on her progress every hour on the hour for 31 days. Kim, I hope you are taking the week off and enjoying a nice long rest.

So, I am now off duty as far as online cheerleading goes. I can hang up my virtual pompoms and kick off my keds in triumph. Uncrimp my hair and discard the team colored cyber-scrunchi. Tomorrow I will be back with a doozy of a story, one that could only happen in a small seaside town without a bowling alley.

So stay tuned!