Monday, April 12, 2010

Okay, that was sort of embarrassing. . .

Last post I talked about my efforts to use 411 to find a phone number so that I could possibly pursue a business opportunity. I finally did find the number in the actual paper phone book, only to be thwarted by a busy signal. I proclaimed that I was not to be deterred. . .

I was deterred!

I, in fact, did completely misunderstand what the woman in question was talking with me about on the side of route 50. If I had ridden home with her in her truck, I would have found out that she was just making polite conversation with me while waiting for my friend to gas up the car. I called her today and had one of the most uncomfortable conversations of my life. She never planned on asking me to do anything, and the whole conversation came off like I was trying to ask her for a favor. Which I certainly was not. Luckily I have a small child, so I am never lacking for a good reason to make a quick exit from a phone conversation.

Now that I am off the phone and can put a little distance from my embarrassment, I find that something else is bothering me about the whole affair. I had always believed that things happen for a reason. People come into our lives for a reason also. The guy that I was briefly engaged to almost 10 years ago came into my life so that my brother could meet his sister and get married. And so on. I supposed that we ran out of gas the other day so I could renew my aquaintence with this woman and could be given this imaginary opportunity. Now I suppose that we just ran out of gas for no reason. And my friend is the last person to ever run out of gas on the highway, so I really figured that there was a greater force at work in my life. But maybe there really are just accidents. Maybe not everything has a reason and a purpose.

Something to ponder for the moment. . .

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  1. The possibility does exist that all random chance is only random chance. There is a great deal of time, effort, (and marketing) put into systems of belief which would demonstrate that there is some order to the random chaos which permeates our lives. But the sad (or enlightening) truth of the matter is that what has happened and will happen was put into place by a sequence of events that is totally beyond the comprehension of the finite human individual. Man is a being in time, whose existence is only understandable with the knowledge that the past is the foundation for the future. However, it is only a foundation, the free will and capabilities of the individual cause for choatic events. (I rambled. I apologize.) Short answer, there is no reason or purpose other than that which the individual grants it.