Sunday, May 2, 2010

Save our Indoor Playground!

I don't usually do this, but we on the Upper Eastern Shore are sort of desperate. We have lost something that we held near and dear to our hearts, and are finding it hard to live without. Those of you with small children will certainly feel our pain.

I don't know if you heard at all, but the east coast of this country has had a pretty hard time of it this winter. We suffered snowstorm after snowstorm. Two of them were blizzard condition storms and occurred about 4 days apart. The Federal Government was forced to shut down for 4 days, and many houses, buildings, and structures were damaged beyond repair. Many businesses needed to close their doors forever. There is an outlet mall in Queenstown that lost half it's stores and may never be restored to capacity. On the other side of the Kent Narrows Bridge was a little place known as the Island Secret Garden.

The Island Secret Garden was a fabulous indoor playground. It had tons of toys and climbing structures for children to play on and with. It had a comfortable parent area with couches and rocking chairs for quiet parent time while the children played. It offered enrichment programs for preschool children in science, reading, math, and gymnastics. But most of all, it provided a place for children to go when the weather was bad.

The ISG was forced to lose it's space in the old outlet mall in Kent Narrows after massive amounts of snow collapsed the roof. Without help, we will probably never get our beloved indoor playground back again. If my story has moved you at all, or if you are just looking for something to, please see the very bottom of this post. There is a link to click on to vote for our beloved indoor play area, now renamed the Kent Island Discovery Zone, to recieve a generous gift from Pepsi to get it's doors open again. Please help us! It is a very worthy cause, and costs you nothing but the two seconds you use to click a link!

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