Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am trapped in my house. Okay, on a normal day I am trapped in my house anyway, as we only own one car. But now I am really REALLY trapped in my house. This is day three after the record breaking Blizzard of '09. I just came in from once again unearthing the outside heating unit from the 2 foot snow drifts so the motor won't burn itself out. If the temperature would just get above 40 degrees, maybe some of this snow would go away and I could escape into the sunshine that I see outside my office window. But no, the temp is stubbornly hovering around 35 degrees Fahrenheit. I realize, though, if the snow melts quickly, I will more than likely develop a flooding problem so maybe I should count my blessing.

My husband is lucky. He went to work today. He got into our little car and drove to a place where intelligent people are congregating in their pursuit of freedom and democracy. But not me, I am sitting in the bright glow of the computer screen listening to the melodious tones of vomiting from the other room.

Oh yeah, the real reason I am trapped. I suppose if I really wanted to, I could bundle up the kids and take a walk down Main Street in the pursuit of a diversion. We could walk to our local craft studio, we could walk to various antique and secondhand shops, we could even visit some friends, but sadly none of that has a chance of happening today. The adorable daughter is sick.

She actually picked the perfect time to be sick. Schools are closed, and she did not have any plans today anyway. The snow is too deep to be fun, and too powdery for making snowmen. It is a perfect day for laying in bed all day watching cartoons and sleeping. I just feel so bad for her. It is three days to Christmas, so I hope she gets this out of her system by then.

Until then, I am using this time to get ready for Christmas. With Alli out of the way, I can feel free to wrap gifts and decorate the house while she sleeps in the master bedroom. With a very large bucket by her head.

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