Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Have A Job!

Well, operation "working Toward Independence" is off to a roaring start. I went on an interview last week for a job that I really wanted, and I just found out today that I got it. A nice woman named Rebecca called me to offer me a job. It is a part time job, but the pay is enough that we might be able to afford a car and to send my 3 year old son to preschool.

Oh, wait. I have a three year old son. That's right, I need to find somewhere for him to go while I am working two days a week. I immediately checked out area preschools and found a slight problem. All the preschools I found have two day a week programs, but they only last 2 hours a day. I need somewhere for Trevor to go for three hours a day. Unfortunately it looks like I might have to go the daycare route. (shudders in horror)

This job also only pays quarterly. The job starts in August and my first paycheck wouldn't be until October. This writing thing better start to pay off soon so I can buy a car. It is the definition of irony: I need a job to buy a car, and I need a car to get a job. Or maybe not irony, maybe more like a catch-22. or something equally scary.

I will figure this out. This is a job that I desperately want to do, and do well. It is in a field that I have been dying to break into, and this position might mean a whole new career path for me.

But I have time to figure all of this out. Until then: I HAVE A JOB!!!

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